The Educational Foundation IOOF

To: All Odd Fellows and Rebekahs in the Grand Jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.

From: Brother John R. Nichols, Grand Secretary.

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

The following is the New Brochure, for 2022, for the Educational Foundation, IOOF.

I will especially call your attention to the Ingstrom Regional Scholarships (though all the Scholarships are worth reading over in case you know someone who may benefit).

Applications are available from:

Brother R. Kenneth Babb,
Educational Foundation, IOOF.
PO Box #20455,
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

Email requests can be sent to: <>

The Educational Foundation of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows began its operation on September 20, 1927.
The purpose of the Foundation is to operate a revolving loan fund for qualified students dependent in part, or wholly, on their own efforts for an education, and to award scholarships to students based on scholarship, leadership and financial need.
Since the Foundation beginning the donations of approximately $5,800,000 have made it possible for over 3,500 young people to receive student low interest loans amounts to over $7,500,000, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship awards.

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