About Us


The name itself signifies something different or out of the ordinary. It is ODD, because it endeavours to enlighten the mind without taking privileges. It conforms to Law, Religion and sound Morality without usurping the rights of the church or that of the courts. It creates a brotherhood and sisterhood and not a division among men and women. It presents life in all its fullness, through degrees, so linked together that each one receiving the degrees may broaden his or her mind and elevate his or her character.

FIRST – It is an organization, because it is a systematic union of individuals in a body whose officers, committees and members work together for a common goal.

SECOND – It is a philosophy of life, because we have certain standards of living, and governing our thoughts and conduct according to the principles of practical wisdom; and are advocates of truth. 

THIRD – It is a unified effort to promote that philosophy, because we are organized in communities throughout the world, in Grand Jurisdictions and a Sovereign Grand Body. This affords an opportunity for counsel, assimilation of wisdom, and application and extension to others.

FOURTH – It is an obligation everyone owes to others, because we are all created equal and governed by the laws of our Creator. The principles and purposes to which we have all obligated ourselves must be upheld both within and without the Order if civilization is to survive the forces of evil and destruction.

FIFTH – It is the teaching and application of Friendship, Love and Truth; of Faith, Hope and Charity; of Universal Justice. Because these are the principles of our doctrine, the basis for thought and action which will create peace and harmony among men and women, thus leading us toward our ultimate goal.


     Odd Fellowship encompasses the whole family. Men and women meet in Odd Fellow and/or Rebekah Lodges. For the youth 8 – 12 years of age – Junior Lodges for the boys and Theta Rho Girls Clubs for the girls. Odd Fellowship is truly a family oriented Fraternity, finding an interest for all members of the family.


  • Endow a $1.2 million research chair at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and in Ontario support research at the University of Toronto Eye Bank.
  • Provide scholarships and low interest loans to deserving college and university students through a $2.8 million Education Loan Foundation.
  • Maintain more than 80 facilities for the aged and youth.
  • Spend $11 million annually in relief.
  • Raised more than 2.5 million in 12 years for Arthritis Research.
  • Plant trees and other vegetation, striving to combat the effects of Global Warming and as a gift to future generations.
  • Proclaimed the only Fraternal Order privileged and allowed to place a medal (Grand Decoration of Chivalry) in the trophy case among the military medals at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.
  • Participates in annual wreath laying ceremonies at the cenotaphs in Ottawa and Washington D.C.

Odd Fellows & Rebekahs are a fraternity that cares about its local communities.

For More Information about Lodges in your area contact:

The Grand Lodge of Ontario
John  R. Nichols – Grand Secretary
157 Frederick Street
Stratford, ON N5A 3V6
Phone: 519-273-8088 or Fax: 519-273-8090