Supported Programs

     The following links will take you to more information about that particular program that the Odd Fellows support. For more information on any of the following programs or to suggest a program that the Odd Fellows look at, please contact the Ontario Grand Lodge at the address list at the bottom of this page.

Allan Simpson Education Fund
The Allan Simpson Educational Fund was established in May 2002 to assist with the costs of post secondary education for young people who are full orphans (both parents deceased). (for more information on this program … click here)

Canadian War Memorial

     Coming Soon. (for more information on this program … click here)

Camp Trillium

     Every year over 400 children in Ontario are diagnosed with cancer. Going to camp can seem like a remote possibility for children living with cancer. Camp Trillium was established in 1984 with this purpose in mind: to provide a camp environment for children affected by cancer and their families where they can relax and enjoy life again. (for more information on this program … click here)

Educational Foundation (3 Different Scholarships Available)

     The Educational Foundation of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows began its operation on September 20, 1927. The purpose of the Foundation is to operate a revolving loan fund for students dependent in part, or wholly, on their own efforts for an education. It is supported by donations to a trust fund and no part of the trust fund can be used for operating expenses. (for more information on this program … click here)

Good Samaritan Award

     The Committee has defined a Good Samaritan as “One (ones) who has (have) helped someone in distress, trouble or adversity regardless of race, colour or creed, unselfishly and without any personal consideration whatsoever.” (for more information on this program … click here)

IOOF Seniors Home

It was the very best design when it was opened in 1984. Since the rebuilt Home opened almost 20 years ago, the type of care has changed dramatically. Once, residents usually walked in the door. Now, most arrive by ambulance or in wheelchairs. The average age of residents is 89. Most are women. (for more information on this program … click here)

Contact Information

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