An Appeal to All Lodges East of Toronto, Ontario

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

I received the following appeal this morning from Brother Wayne Geurts, PGM, in relation to the War Memorial Committee.

Can you help with this appeal?

If you can please email Brother Geurts directly at: <>

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


Hello Brother Nichols,

The Canadian War Memorial is currently incurring a huge expense for storing the wreaths in a storage unit.
We will not be able to remain financially viable if we do not find a solution to that.
Would you be able to assist us in sending out an appeal to the lodges east of Toronto and ask if any member may be able to offer us storage space for a low fee or for free.
The space requirement is approximately 5 foot by 5 foot and about 4 foot high.
One of the committee members would be transporting those wreaths to and from that location.
Your assistance would be much appreciated.


Wayne Geurts, Committee member

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