Junior Odd Fellows


     Throughout most of the free world is an organization known, loved and respected for the great good it has done for those in need and for its humanitarian efforts to make the entire world a better place to live. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is truly an organization which believes and practices the axiom, “Am I my Brother’s Keeper?”

The Three Links represent a worldwide chain that binds men and women together in fraternal devotion to God and their fellow man. The three links, representing: Friendship, Love and Truth, are the cornerstone upon which the Odd Fellows of the world have built their Order.

Junior Odd Fellow Creed

I believe in the Junior Odd Fellows as an organization uniting youth, under God, thereby achieving a purity of thought, word, deed and a high moral standard. To this creed I pledge my Fidelity, my Honour and my Loyalty to the end that Universal Brotherhood may prevail.

How the Odd Fellows got their name

The name is thought to have originated in the 18th century in England. Middle class concerned workers were to have originated groups for mutual employment, help and financial support. Since these were the first groups of this type started, these men were considered “ODD” in the sense of Extra-Ordinary. In 1994 Odd Fellowship celebrated its 175th Anniversary. Odd Fellowship was founded in Baltimore, MD in 1819 by Thomas Wildey and four other Odd Fellows from England.

What you do in a Junior Odd Fellows’ Lodge

• Practice a democratic process,
• Use parliamentary laws,
• Learn love of your country, your parents and of friends,
• Associate with boys and girls of your own age, and
• Serve and share with others


• There are many Odd Fellow Youth Camps for you to enjoy
• You may plan weekend trips within your lodge
• You may plan dances and other money making projects
• You may plan to have entertainment for your parents
• You may plan anything else that your lodge might enjoy

You Take Part in Meetings Regularly

• All meetings and group events will be under Adult supervision
• You will learn to open and close meetings efficiently and with dispatch
• Ceremonies are used to show the aims and objects of the group

You Become Alert to Community and Civic Needs and Conditions

• You will find out what is going on at the City Hall, in the legislature, in your Country’s Capitol and in world affairs
• You will learn to know your neighbourhood and its needs
• You will do your part to promote understanding and cooperation among people of different creeds, colours and races in
your community and the world at large

You are helped in your seeking and finding of personal ideals

• An adequate faith and philosophy of life are necessary for everyone
• You are encouraged to be active in the church of your choice
• You learn how ideals are translated into personal living

Requirements for Junior Odd Fellows Membership

• You must be 10 to 18 years old (some lodges accept 8 to 18 years old)
• Have good moral character
• Believe in a Supreme Being
• Petition a Junior Odd Fellow Lodge

For more information on Junior Odd Fellows or to join a lodge, please contact:

Your nearest Odd Fellow or Rebekah Lodge
(for a listing of all lodges, click here)


The Grand Lodge of Ontario
John  R. Nichols
Grand Secretary
157 Frederick Street
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 3V6
Phone: 519-273-8088
Fax: 519-273-8090