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posted October 07, 2015

Updated with new options and features.

     We have heard from our members they wanted something new and updated on the website and on a more frequent basis. We have listened to them and their ideas and have started to implant them into the site. Some of these changes will take some time and others will appear rather quickly. Please work with us on this and if you happen to find wrong information or something not working correctly, please contact myself and I will address every email. Please fill out a 'Help Desk Ticket' located to the left. By using this method, you will be able to track your ticket to see when the issue was looked at and then resolved.

posted October 06, 2015

Youtube channel is open

     One of the suggestions we received is that we have a Youtube channel. The channel has been created and we will add some content to it over the next couple of weeks. If you see a video or have a video that you would like us to add, please send the details to me and I will review the request and add it if is appropiate.

posted October 06, 2015

Grand Master Itinerary

     I have a copy of the Grand Master Itinerary and I am adding all the details to the calendar. I will try to get it done in the next couple of days and get it posted on the website. The link can be found on the Grand Lodge Executive page.  

posted October 06, 2015

Lodge Websites

     I have now setup a free website domain for every lodge in Ontario. Some lodges have their own websites already and that is terrific. For the lodges who wish a website but don't want to spend the money, we can provide you with a free one. The only requirement is that somebody from your lodge be able to build and maintain it. If need be, I would be willing to help them out to get it online because it is an important tool to help assist us in telling the world who we are. For the Lodges that currently have one, if you wish to switch over to the free one, please contact the webmaster. I will be listing all the websites on the Detailed Information sheet which is located on the page "Lodges in Ontario". So please forward me all your information with your web address and I will get it posted.

posted October 06, 2015

Printer Friendly Version

     We have had a few requests for this option. With the cost of ink for printers and so many different types of printers for sale, some members were having trouble printing parts of the website or wasting a lot of paper. So we decided to create a "Printer Friendly Version" for almost all of our pages. On the top of every page (top right hand corner), you will see a "Printer Friendly Version" link. If you click on this link, it will open a new window of the current page you are viewing, but all in Black & White and formatted to fit a letter size paper. All the extras on the page (Buttons on the left, links on the bottom) have all been removed. If you use this feature and find an issue with printing, please fill out a help desk ticket (located at top left of every page) with the issue you are having (please include printer model) and I will try to correct the issue.

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